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Need fresh inspiration for designing a cleaning logo? At, you’ll find a huge collection of free cleaning and maintenance logo images for your building logo, maintenance office, housekeeping service, window cleaning logo, or maid service logo . All you have to do is just edit the font, tagline and colors to personalize it as unique as you. You can even use gradient, opacity, and 3D tools to make your design outstanding. Check out a variety of free cleaning logo design samples below for inspiration today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Logos

Do I have to pay to design my own cleaning logo?

It is absolutely free to use an online logo maker tool like You can access, sample, and customize as many cleaning logo templates as you want. Customers only pay a nominal amount as designer fee with no hidden charges when they download your own logo design file for use.

The cleaning logo that you get is of the highest resolution, with vector logo format available so the file can be edited and modified. For such high quality logo designs, customers are charged a small fee to support designers who create such stunning and high quality logo artwork.

How to create house cleaning vs. commercial cleaning services logo?

Using a cleaning logo software , you have access to hundreds of cleaning logo designs to choose from. Each logo design is different than the next, offering you endless choice to make it a house cleaning logo or a commercial cleaning service logo.

For a house cleaning logo design , like a maid service logo, make it more personal with mop and floor images, wiper with bucket, or vacuum symbols perhaps. For brand identity for a commercial cleaning service like window cleaning business or a car wash logo, pick cleaning logo images that are more specific like a man wiping the windows icon, or a car under a shower.

With customization available, you can change the colors, add or remove effects, and add text, and do a lot more to your cleaning logo template to make it truly unique.

What house cleaning logo images are ideal for my business?

Logos for house cleaning businesses like housekeeping services or maid services will benefit most from logo images like houses, bubbles, wipers, sparkling stars and spray bottle logos, etc.

Different variations of these images or mixing them with each other will provide you more representative cleaning logo designs. A lot of house cleaning services also use lettermark or wordmarks logos. If you want also want to have an alphabet letter logo for your cleaning service, make sure the name of the business is highly representative and you're using industry favorite colors, such as white, blue, green, and red to go with your cleaning logo.

Do you have cleaning service logos for business cards?

All cleaning service logos we feature can be used on all sorts of branding materials, including business cards. In fact, as you finalize a logo design after completing the customization, you will be able to see how your cleaning business logo will look on letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and even t-shirts.

Our state-of-the-art software ensures that your cleaning logo template won't suffer any quality reduction when being used from one media to another. Since all cleaning logo designs come complete with matching brand identity designs, these designs can easily and instantly be printed and utilized.

Are your cleaning logo samples available in vector formats?

Yes. Whatever logo design you finalize as your cleaning services logo can be downloaded in vector and other file formats that make it easy to use. The vector logo formats we offer for cleaning services templates and other industries come in a variety of file extensions.

All these cleaning logo extensions offer you source files that are instantly editable. You have complete freedom to make any changes and print the logo designs any way.