Zaheer Dodhia

Brand Expert and CEO


Brand Design Expert

Zaheer’s passion for graphic design started from a young age. He started learning about graphic design when he was just 10 years old, working on a functional computer.

Equipped with 20+ years of experience today he specializes in brand design and logo design, providing an array of services including custom logo designs, DIY logo and logo design contests to launch thousands of brand identities for businesses.

His idea for focusing on brand design is inherent in this message:

"If we can help businesses make their mark in the world with a distinctive logo design for branding like KFC, Apple, or Walmart had achieved, then we have done our job honestly."

With a hands-on attitude and a passion for graphic design, he has an edge over competitors. With his extensive background, working with companies and graphic designers, he can spot a winning logo design a mile apart.

Moreover, with 100K+ graphic designers signed up on his crowdsourcing platform, he has access to a wealth of knowledge about logo designing which he readily shares with others. He’s written numerous articles on brand identities and logos, identifying the critical role they play in modern day businesses. Most interviewers are fascinated by the fact that he has a unique perspective on logo designing processes.

"What makes a logo effective in conveying the brand is not the many design elements built in it. It’s the lack of it, yet have the ability to say just as much which makes it an effective logo."

This is because Zaheer also participates in the operational processes of his logo design companies. Since every design goes live with his approval, he has developed a keen eye for identifying successful brand designs, and those which will not survive the business. is the product of Zaheer's passionate endeavor to provide affordable logo designs for those who don't have a budget and crave for quality. Each and every premium quality logo in our database has been a labor of love for Zaheer.

He’s hosted thousands of contests, and has been on panels of logo competitions as deciding jury such as this.

Serial Entrepreneur

Zaheer has been an entrepreneur at heart since his days in college. With only seed money for a startup comprising of three people, he started his own company while he was completing his MBA. From that point onward he's never stopped.

He's worked with partners in Mexico, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and in particular the United States, not to mention thousands of logo designers in each of these ventures.

He’s the man behind projects such as LogoDesignGuru, DesignMantic, and now


He’s been covered in interviews and even penned several articles in this regard. Read his latest article on Forbe here.