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Charming Farmhouse Logo Design Templates

Tell your customers about your business with a farmhouse logo! Choose one of our many farmhouse logo designs free from our logo maker if your business is designing a farm logo, a grocery mart logo or if you want to create a health and wellness logo design. Let our free logo maker design an exceptional farmhouse logo including a barn house with a picket fence, a wheat stalk inside of a hexagon, a field of crops with an image of the sun and the sky. No matter what type of a farmhouse logo you are looking for you will be able to find it on this site! Try it now, free!

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Frequently Asked Questions Farmhouse

Is your DIY farmhouse logo maker free to use?

Yes. It is completely free to browse through our DIY farmhouse logo maker gallery looking for your perfect logo design. You don’t have to pay anything.

Take your time using the logo maker app and look for ideas till you’ve found the design that checks all your boxes for a perfect farmhouse logo. Afterwards, you can also customize your farmhouse logo design as per your taste and design needs - all without any charges.

You can also download your logo design for free. Try it now.

Can I use a barn logo for my farmer’s market launch?

Why not! A barn logo is a whimsical, intimate, and a very authentic icon related to farmers and farming in general. So, using it to launch your farmer’s market is actually quite brilliant.

And if you are looking for more options, why not think about an agricultural farm logo, a farmer silhouette, or even simple plant symbols with a circle of leaves around? Better yet, pair that plant icon with a wordmark logo for an added effect.

To check out our complete variety of farm symbols or logos, visit our logo gallery.

What fonts are best for a modern farmhouse logo?

Sans Serif fonts, to be sure. All the type designs you’ll find in sans Serif fonts are cleaner, simpler, and sharper. Therefore, they go perfectly well with a modern farmhouse logo.

The modern design approach is all about a clean aesthetic and simpler design. Our favorite modern fonts for modern farmhouse logos are Comfortaa, Alcubierre, Be Vietnam, and Poppins, among many others.

These simple fonts with no decorative edges give your farmhouse brand logo a very polished and posh look, helping you attract some elite clientele.

How can I create a modern farmhouse logo design?

If you’re not a graphic designer yourself, the attempt may seem too much for you. We suggest you use a DIY logo generator like to create your modern farmhouse logo design.

Such a design would require a simple layout with not many design elements or ornaments. A modern design is essentially a very simple design that looks attractive, stylish, and uncluttered. Therefore, look for farmhouse logo templates in our gallery that have less going on in them. For example, a design containing a single farmhouse icon with the business name underneath in a clean and simple font would look appropriately modern.

Can I use a livestock logo for my farmhouse?

For sure. If you host any livestock on your farmhouse, using a livestock logo can be a good idea. You can use icons of roosters, or chicken on your logo design for your farmhouse for added effect.

However, since not all farmhouses host livestock, use these icons in your logo when you can establish a connection with them, otherwise it’s just confusing. Some popular icons to use as a farmhouse logo are barn icons, fields, homes with a picket fence symbols, and such.

To see what else is available in our design gallery, here’s a quick link.